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About Konnies Piano Tuition School

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At Konnie’s Piano Tuition Konnie’s main aim is to cater to the needs of the pupil. For this reason Konnie teaches in a variety of ways; from the traditional style of encorporating scales, theory-based work, sight-reading etc into lessons to achieve exam grades, to teaching pupils more comtemporary pieces such as songs from musicals or from an artist the pupil may like, which has been in increased demand with bands such as Coldplay introducing the piano back into popular music.

Learning contemporary pieces is usually for pupils who would like to take a more recreational approach to learning the piano, or for those who aspire to writing popular songs themselves in order to learn how they are written on the piano. However, it can also be for pupils who wish to achieve grades, as by learning songs that they are familiar with pupils are encouraged to play the piano, yet variety is introduced into achieving piano grades.

For those of you who are more classically inclined, Konnie teaches the works of the masters from Mozart to Chopin and right through the music eras from Baroque to Classical to Romantic right up to Modern.

Because of Konnie’s sensitivity to individual needs, pupils develop an enthusiasm for the piano in a way that is personal to them.

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